When we talk about the epistemology of design, we’re referring to the significance of design not only as a practical need but as a key part in humanity that shapes societies. It does beyond creating and construction, it’s the perfect implementation of planning, scheduling, and systematically ideating. 

Just as Poldma (2013) mentions, design in not necessarily about knowing what only the outcome is but importantly about the construction of the conditions under which the outcome should be judged. Such judgement relies on factors of human nature and the dynamic between people and the practices that generate these outcomes. 

This discipline can be far too complex to understand, design as I’ve said is beyond creating but more about understanding, it’s the human connection between construction and empathy for all the implicated before, during and after the construction. But there are three aspects that are needed within the epistemology of design, knowledge, methods, and clarity of validation criteria. 

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