World Usability Congress

I would totally recommend attending to a networking event even if it’s just to go out of your comfort zone, you will make amazing connections and engage with professionals who are always happy to guide you. 

This year I saw more talks referring to the usage of AI in design and how algorithms are the future in creative processes, they’re not here to take our places but rather to make our job easier. 

One of the talks referred to emotional design in experiences, which is a part of the topic I’ll be addressing for my thesis, where it was talked about the important of immersion within the experience, how every detail matters in a fictional experience for it to feel real, and how now the usage of technology like augmented reality can help us more real-time intimate experiences. 

The most interesting part was the immersive storytelling, how we can not only create emotions into people with words, sounds or visual, but also with smell and atmosphere, the most interesting part about immersion is how it bring nostalgia, and make use of it to create a memorable experience. 

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