Impulse 5: “Hoffman’s Erzählungen” im Oper Graz

Jacques Offenbach’s “Tales of Hoffmann” is performed in various opera houses in a slightly different version. In Graz Opera four directors were involved in production: Tobias Ribitzki was responsible for shaping the story and introducing Hoffman as a drinker who is inspired by the muse to write something. Neville Tranter portrayed the world of the fragile artist – Antonia with puppets. Each of them was operated by the singer. Nanine Linning presented beautiful animations along to the play of actors. Music was led by Johannes Braun – conducting Graz Philharmonic. The whole thing turned out to be very dynamic and colorful, with beautiful staging and costumes.

The new conductor, Johannes Braun, brought a smooth and precise touch to the Graz Philharmonic’s sound, adding richness and clarity. He highlighted the emotions in the music and vocals, especially in solo parts, effectively bringing out the different characters traits, whether bizarre or vulnerable.


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