Ontological Design

Philosophically speaking ‘Ontology’ gives meaning to the purpose of existence of something or someone, this design theory questions on a fundamental level ‘What is design and what does it does to the world?’ Even though design as a discipline serves to a reason and a task, it can be find everywhere and used at any time we, as designers, fail to understand how it structures the possibilities for existence in the world. 

Like Anne-Marie Willies wrote, ‘design is fundamental to being human it is something way more persuasive and profound.’ Seeing design as an imperfect discipline that looks to make things better rather than looking for perfection in a huge spectrum, makes us visualize the unforeseen and unintentional outcomes instead of neglected the consequences it effects. 

Design not only innovates, design changes societies, influences behaviors, creates a new way of being in the world, where other worlds live within. Changing the way one world behaves will cause collateral effects in the worlds within it. 

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