Refik Anadol’s Multi-sensorial experiences

The LA based artist, born in Tukey. Has been a change maker in digital art and experiences, from showcasing his work in the MOMA to being the first artist to use The Sphere in Las Vegas as a canvas. His work leads viewers to alternative realities. 

But how does it work? His art is a curation of AI data generated images, the information gathers for creating his content goes from sounds, waves, photos or data from free and open sources, like national parks, libraries even the NASA images, creating temporary immersive environments. 

What’s amusing about his job is the way he transforms architectural spaces and façades into giant live art pieces, making it seem like it’s alive. His main focus is creating immersive experiences and to portray how it is to address the challenges and possibilities that computing has impose in society, as well as what it looks like to be a human in a world filled with artificial intelligence, how something we interact with every single day can look like. 

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