VCV Rack – whale sound production

Last semester I was getting familiar with VCV Rack: open-source modular synthesiser. The software contains several VCOs, LFOs, mixers and other standard synthesiser modules. It’s based on Eurorack system. I was trying to reproduce a whale sound, in the patch I used basic sawtooth oscillator and patched it to filter module. LPF was sent to a plate reverb module – Plateau. This brought more liveliness and spaciousness to a dry sawtooth sound. The cutoff frequency of the VCF was randomized, along with the melody and fade module. I dedicated time to experimenting with various settings, especially with Plateau and the randomizer, to discover different sonic possibilities. Everything was was routed to the mixer and recorded.

There is another very interesting filter called “Lateralus” that gives extra glide effect, as well as SKF, SVF and LADR modules from Kocmoc.


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