“Explore/Identity” – Concept for a Binaural Video

Sexual identity, a complex and multifaceted facet of human existence, wields a pivotal influence on an individual’s self-concept and interpersonal connections. The notion of sexual identity encompasses a spectrum of aspects including orientation, attraction, behavior, and societal roles. While the inquiry into sexual identity holds relevance across genders, the focus of this paper is on delineating and contrasting the representation of sexual identity in the context of men and women.

The fundamental premise of the project revolves around the articulation of my personal perspective on the validation and voyage of self-discovery within one’s sexuality. This video encapsulates diverse scenes where interactions occur between male and female bodies. In response, I have composed a musical composition that seeks to accentuate the varying emotional states of the performers, culminating in a profound crescendo.

The composition unfolds in five distinct phases, each corresponding to different settings or emotional currents conveyed by the actors in the video:

  1. Rotating Scene (0 – 17 seconds): Symbolizing the tumultuous external world, akin to a chaotic symphony of uninformed opinions and concealed perceptions.
  • Female Dominance (17 – 44 seconds): Portraying the transition from the external realm to the “innere” – the inner sphere. A female voice beseeches her return, a poignant plea from the external realm for her to cease her internal exploration.
  • Male Ascendancy (44 – 58 seconds): Positioned on the upper side of the screen, the male figure embodies conventional notions of power and security. However, this facade conceals an array of unanswered questions. Intrinsically woven into this segment is a contemplation on toxic masculinity, interlinked with personal introspection, and harmonizing with the overarching theme. https://wellbeings.org/10-songs-about-masculinity/
  • Unified Gender (58 – 1´:18 seconds): Within the same visual landscape, the rock plummets, emblematic of the merging of genders. In this context, gender distinctions blur, and the body transcends traditional categorization.
  • The Revelation (1:18 onwards): A pivotal juncture, where the woman encounters her corporeal form, laden with decisions. The external world imposes dogma anew. This climactic moment harmoniously incorporates “Ave Maria” as criticism to Catholicism and the familial credo composed solely of men and women and a female cry. At the end the hand that let her turn represents the society that let you move the way it wants.

In essence the project encapsulates a vivid exploration of sexual identity through visual and auditory mediums. It bridges diverse emotional states and perspectives, defying traditional categorizations, while contemplating the interplay between external influences and inner self-discovery. The intricate layers of this artistic endeavor echo the complexity of sexual identity, shedding light on the journey to validate, define, and celebrate one’s authentic self.

Video: Identity.mp4

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